Sunday, April 12, 2009


About six months ago, my wife, kids and I were rushing to an appointment. We had enough time to slip into the drive-thru at Arctic Circle. It was there where I saw, running food out to a customer, an old friend.

In an instant, the time machine of memory whisked me back to my junior high years. Three of us were inseparable: M___B___, T___ F___, and Me. We had lunch together, we walked home from school together, we had sleepovers and reveled in life.
T___ F___ would tell us the story of the movie he had recently scene as we walked home from school. He described the film without skipping a single scene. He would illustrate to us the characters, the relationships and the emotion of the film. He could scare us, make us laugh and cause us to cry.

The motion picture I remember most was the “Shining”. After hearing the story from him, I went and watched it. T--- ‘s words scared me more than the movie.

Not long after high school, TF developed a disease and passed away.

M___B___ had all the ideas, from going to the movies, a bike hike up City Creek Canyon and watching girls at the mall. What set him apart from all my other friends was that he had all the Star Wars collectables, from Yoda to the Millennial Falcon.
One night we had a sleepover at his home. His room was in the basement. At the bottom of the stairs a door led into a family room. In the back of that room, to the right, was his room. His room was full of Star Wars stuff so we used the family room for our fun.

The first thing we did was cover all the windows to make it pitch black, we turned off all the lights and started a slow strobe light and played strobe hide and seek, followed by Dungeons and Dragons, and movie on v.h.s. Then, discovering the world by discussing our perspective, common sense and our wisdom, (what perspective, common sense and wisdom 13 year old boys have.) It went well into the morning.

There were many good times. Times that push us together and some tried to rip us apart.

We brought personality to the table, we did the give and take, and we left with more. We were improved, magnified and most of all we did what was right and because of that we had more freedom.

We understood each other. We knew our ambitions were different and as time moved forward we didn’t get in each other’s way. By doing so we spent less and less time exploring life as one, then finally not at all.

Our bonds will not be cut, it could not be cut, even with the long serrated blade of time, it cannot severe our adoration for each other.

When I saw M___ B___ in the drive thru, I got out of the car, ran to him, (knowing the span of thirty years had changed my face) I said, “M___B___, C___L___”, his surprise was joyful then we embraced.

We could only share brief histories.

I left thrilled to know we were still secure in or friendship.

We may not see each other again for a long time, but I know our friendship will not end with our lives. We will take our friendship with us to the afterlife.

I feel all my friends are like this.


jillysunflower said...

I have never had such a friendship. Most of the time if I see someone I know I duck and hope they didn't see me. The bonds I made with most friends were shallow. Maybe because the sensations I had as friendships were easily stung with betrayal. I cling to the friendships I have made with my relatives. I would rather spend months with them then moments with others.
On the other hand my Husband has great bonds with his old school mates. Years go by and there still isn't need for small talk. It is like their conversation had just paused for a moment while they led their life but started up just as it had ended with life and likeness.
I am glad to have your friendship even though it has taken me so long to mature into someone to converse and have anything in common with.
Love you

Mellissa said...

I remember walking home from school and TF told us the story of the movie "Somewhere In Time". I was inthrawled. I remember so vividly the picture he painted when he found the penny and went back to 1980. I will never forget how he painted that picture for me in my mind. Shortly after that we saw the just wasn't the same.

memojeff said...

I remember both of those friends and I remember when TF died.
I think I have had 2 friends like that. One friend I had from 5th grade all the way up into high school. Sometime in High School we started hanging out with other people, and I lost track of her after high school. One day on my facebook I got an invitation to be her friend. I was THRILLED. She had found me!! Jeff told me that I hadn't been that happy in months. My other friend I from sometime in high school. We had a falling out, but we have tried to repair the relationship. We talk online and we get together when I go to Utah.
Jeff has one friend that he keeps in touch with from when he was a kid. He was our bestman at our wedding. I think it is important for our children to see that we have friends like that. As well as the friends that you don't talk to much, but when you need them, they are there in heartbeat. We have a few friends that have helped us at all hours, whenever we have needed them.
I just heard a conference talk about angels, from last fall. He said that the Lord sends us angels in the form of friends. I would agree with him.
thanks for the entry. Love You CWL