Sunday, February 15, 2009

Passing down heirlooms

I would love to pass something down too my children.
Other have passed down necklaces, broaches, dresses, furniture, bibles, stories, genealogy, swords, guns, and countless numbers of heirlooms.
I haven’t given much thought to how I want to present it, maybe with a small ceremony. I just don’t want to say with a passive “hey this was you grandfathers, take care of it” then walk away, or just slip it in the drawer and hope they know what it is and what to do with it.
I saw a man give another man an ornate dagger. It wasn’t just another dagger, the first man new everything about it, where it was made, who made it, the technique how it was made, the balance, the materials, everything. He knew the names of the ancestors that passed it down to him. He holds the knife with great esteem. In the small ceremony between him and the other, whom he gave it to, he choked on his words and past it with great respect. I was moved.
So the question, what would you pass down?
There are things that will be passed down weather I want to pass them on or not. I’ve noticed that I’ve picked up some of my dad and mom’s traits, personality and physical traits. Some of them I don’t like so much, not to be offensive. I hope I will pass down not a dagger, jewelry, clothing, furniture or even books, though they may get all of that. I will pass down the truth. The truth that I was given by a loving, divine Father, and all the things that comes with it: the change of heart, the gifts of love, the knowledge of his grace. The very thing that is molding me into what I am and what I could be. Jesus Christ!
Oh by the way, the man that gave the other the dagger, the other was not his son. He was someone the first man deeply loved.
Remember who you are what you stand for and what you are passing down.


jillysunflower said...

My mother has things that could be passed down to me. She has a piano from her mother and some china from her mother also. These are things that many pass down from one generation to another I am one that does not collect such things. I do not want to concern myself with taking care of things. It's just stuff to me. Stuff that takes up room. Stuff that I have to move. Stuff that I have to dust or clean. Stuff that one locks their house to protect. Stuff that one takes a vacation away from. I don't like stuff. I know I have traits that I have gotten from my parents can I think of them now? No. There are things that I didn't learn that I wish I had. Things that I don't want to give to my children so I hide them. I spend money stupidly I don't want to give that too them. My children were each given a blanket from their great grandmother that she made when they were born. I make sure they know who gave it to them. She spent time and had them on her mind when she made the blankets. I don't want them to forget that someone loves them. That's what I want them to have Love.

larsen0966 said...

What a wonderful and touching post. I am speechless. There is nothing I can add to what you have said except... "Amen."