Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Have Two Dogs

We have two dogs. Each totally different in It personality.
Porter, our first dog has a large chest, defined muscles and a long snout. He was named after a long ago protector of a prophet, Porter Rockwell. His white body gives him an angelic appearance. His black head reminds me of his quiet deception. I turn my head and he takes advantage, snatching any thing that tastes good.  
His breed declares he tarries about for foxes. I have seen him only chase chickens and turkeys. I'm gland his breed doesn't define that part of my dog. Having a dog that would be considered a chicken terrier or a turkey terrier is a little unsettling.
He barks only if he hears the doorbell twice. Then never. When his ears are rubbed, his back is stroked, he will sit next to you with one paw ready to encourage you to continue. When I talk to Porter, I ask him where his girlfriend is, meaning our other dog; he cocks his head and stares at me with eyes that say, “I’ve been neutered”. He uses that same look every time I speak to him. He must sense in me some unconscious guilt.

Snickers, our second dog, makes a glass of Coke nervous. She jitters, fidgets, jumps, shivers, and trembles. She wages her tale, which was not cropped after birth and is now as long as she is, so fast it creates a slight breeze. It also keeps her considerable thin. She looks like a Snickers bar in a dog outfit. Actually she's a min pin.
I saw her once, with great confidence, chase a German Shepard down the street. She wanted to prove that a dog with small little legs, with nothing more then a yap, could chase her Goliath out of her territory. The German Shepard, slightly turned and gave one bark, Snickers flipped backward and yelped all the way home. In her defeat she's a little bigger in my eyes.
She congers spells by staring so intently at me, her ears tipped ever so slightly, charms me into giving her lots of treats and loves. It works every time.

Dogs are awesome. I love them.


jillysunflower said...

I don't have dogs. I never had dogs. We will have a dog someday. We love talking about what we will do with it. what will name it and what kind of dog it will be. I'm glad you love your dogs but I would take the kids over animals any day.

DeAnn said...

So here is my comment for ya'...I dislike dogs very much! But, it's good you care for yours, since you have two of them and all! I loved the part, Snickers makes a glass of coke nervous..very funny! Thanks for playing games tonight the more the merrier :)