Friday, January 30, 2009


I was sitting in the living room of my mother’s home having a discussion with other family members.
Words were said not to accuse me of false behavior but I took it as an accusation and felt antagonized. I don’t think that I would have been bothered by it, but my character was not where it needed to be.
While the words were being spoken, I was eating garlic bread. I inhaled a small bit and it went down the wrong tube. I was coughing, choking and trying to speak to stop the rudeness with cordial words of admonition. I could not speak. The antagonism continued. I needed to speak and stop the incrimination. I became out of control and getting some words out spoke with vulgar harshness.
Our words really do matter.
What else mattered is that my character was not strong enough to restrain negative words in the time of most importance. My character was strained and then broke. I didn’t express myself in the most honorable way. I felt diminished.
In the past, in adverse situations, I have been aware of negative emotions building up in me, but I was still able to think and stay clear headed. Those situations was not under duress. Under duress is when it matter most.
With the world, strong forceful words or behavior is a positive trait. I’ve experienced it while doing business with so many people.
The decisions we make, the way we speak and behave ultimately show are true character.
I’m trying to have the most excellent character, character that invites growth and prosperity in me and others. Not to be superior but to serve others. Serving others is the only way we can make every one’s life choice and prosperous.
I need to be vigilant; to change were it is right and not be manipulated by the world.
I hope you striving for the character that you want.
Be excellent.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I haven’t planted a garden for a long time. If I were to plant a garden, I would plant squash, peas, carrots, beans, beats, and corn; these are just a few of the edible treats that I have planted in the past. They have been more then beneficial to my taste buds.
Wait, I fooled you. I wouldn’t plant these fruits and vegetables, I would plant their seeds. Planting the seeds then cultivate them is what I would do to insure a desirable harvest.
The thing is, there is more than just fruits and vegetable that fit in this system of harvesting. I’m talking about the law in general. Some call it the Law of the Harvest. Others say, “what you sow so must you reap”. I’ve heard others call it the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t sound like it is the same, but I think its closer then what they think.
First of all there are plenty of seeds out there, not just seed from plants but I believe religion, politics, relationships, marriage, raising children and education are just a few of the things we harvest from there seeds that we plant.
No matter what, there is a constant planting and harvesting going on in everyone’s life. Whether they know it or not, or want to do it or not. It is happening.
The seeds we plant should benefit us in the harvest. You can tell if the seed is what you want by seeing the harvest that it produces.
It’s much easier to learn from the harvests of the past, so we can choose wisely the seed we want to plant now.
An example of that would be the recession that we are in now. The government wants to spend trillions of dollars to keep us out of a recession. If they were to learn from the past, the past government tried that same thing and it brought us into a deeper recession that lasted for years. Spend more (the seeds), deeper recession (the harvest). There are countless of examples of harvesting dumb and hurtful things.
Another way to lean what seed to plant is trust someone to tell you. I wouldn't just trust anyone to tell me what seeds to plant so I could have the best future. A perfect person will do; a God or someone I know a God chosen.
The few people that will read this won’t need an example here. It’s clear that God wants the very best for us so he put it in the scriptures and gave as a Prophets to guide us. Not a president of a country.
I can see so many seeds that people plant that I know will end up with a harvest that will devastate their lives and all in all, affect others.
What we have to be careful with is the seeds that have been manipulated to look like good seeds, manipulated by others for profit, for power and personal gain. (There are plenty of ways to manipulated them.) Others seeds we have to be careful with are bad habit seeds. After a few harvests of all these seeds, we will be battered, hurt and wounded by them. Sometimes we replant them and the crap hits the fan again.
It’s just a matter of knowing the right seeds to plant with the help of God.
Remember who you are and what you stand for. Reap well.