Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome: Our First Blog

Summer went fast for us, we dillied and dallied with a few organized activities, and the next thing you is back in section.

The most exciting adventure was two adventures experianced by seprate adventurers.

Ryan went on a high adventure with the scouts. A high and low ropes course, biking, pistol shouting and a river run. Three days of unforgetable fun.

The women of the family loaded up the trailer and headed to Wyoming for a scottish festival. Where cowboys and kilts are a peradox and where a scottish dance compition was to be undertaken.

A festival that was prepared for with heroic kilt making and an antisapation of excitement of not only the festival but also to get away.

Allison awaited this compititon with a hopeful spirit to win a prize, for it was her first compition.

At the RV park , the nights were cool, the swimming was refreshing, gifts where bought, and the next thing they new they were on their way home, with a renewed sence a living and working toward another dance compition.


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Welcome to the blog life!!!!
"We" are looking forward to reading more of your posts!!!!!